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Project Parindey is a Project under Leo Club, University of Delhi that aims at Sex Education, Gender Neutral Education regarding menstruation in schools, Women Empowerment through skill development, Cervical and Breast Cancer, PCOD and PCOS, Menstrual Hygiene, and Period Poverty. Under Parindey, we have successfully executed numerous pad distribution drives, menstrual awareness session, movie screening on themes of women empowerment, Cancer awareness walkathon, sex education in schools, Street Harassment awareness session etc. Alongside this, we train our members under Pinkshe Foundation to gain knowledge to conduct menstrual awareness session on their own with the help of kit. Our aim is to create real-time impact at the grassroots level, serving one person at a time.


Sex ed.heic

Sex & Gender Neutral Menstrual Hygiene Education

Under this Initiative Project Parindey aims to provide  comprehensive information that is sex and gender neutral. The program strives to break societal taboos, ensuring that menstrual education is accessible and to all individuals regardless of gender identity. 
Collaborated with Pinkishe Foundation.


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